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Oolitt® Elite Tongue Scraper $2.00

Remove odor-causing compounds and bacteria to freshen breath. Patented design rated number one by a leading, independent dental research lab.

Fluoride Toothpaste with Natural Mint $12.00

Maximum breath control with cavity-fighting protection! This formula contains a unique combination of Oxygene® and zinc for an even more powerful deodorizing effect to fight halitosis.

Patented Zinc Mint Mouthrinse with Fresh Mint $14.00

Zinc mouthrinse delivers hours of fresh breath because it eliminates bad breath at its source. This formula is naturally flavored using essential peppermint oil and xylitol. Peppermint oil is added to provide a soothing and cooling effect for the tissues as well as optimal taste. Xylitol is a natural sweetener, found in many fruits and vegetables, and has been shown to inhibit the formation of plaque, as well as the bacteria implicated in tooth decay.

Lemon Power Rinse Mouthwash $19.00

Fight bad breath for six hours with zinc, Oxygene®, aloe, and lemon-mint flavor. This formula is naturally flavored using a unique blend of essential oils (lemon, orange, grapefruit, bergamot, lime, peppermint) along with xylitol.

AloeGel $12.00

All-purpose gel contains aloe vera and chamomile to promote healing. This all-purpose gel soothes and protects minor wounds anywhere on your body with a specialized blend of aloe vera and chamomile.

Super Relief Dental Gel $6.00

Helps condition, soothe, and deodorize oral wounds, abrasions, and irritated gums.

The OxyCare™ 3000 $125.00

The OxyCare 3000 conditions and tones your gum tissues, and delivers a clean unavailable from any store-bought irrigator.

Rotadent® Dental Appliance $159.00

To call the Rotadent a toothbrush is an understatement. The Rotadent is a dental appliance fashioned after the prophylaxis polisher used at the end of each cleaning. Only the Rotadent has microfilament brush tips designed to reach underneath the gum line and between the teeth. (This is a special order item – just ask at our front desk.)

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