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Learning that you need a crown can be upsetting. You imagine that prognosis means you’ll have to spend hours away from work and your family and deal with an uncomfortable temporary crown. But Edward H. Chappelle Jr., DDS, in Bowie, Maryland, offers an alternative. With CEREC dental restorations, he can offer you same-day crowns. To learn more or set up your consultation, book your appointment online or call his office today.

Crowns Q & A

What is a dental crown?

Tooth damage and decay can compromise the structural integrity of your individual teeth. If a single tooth sustains too much damage, it can make it painful to eat or even talk. Fortunately, a crown can restore your tooth’s form and functionality, alleviating your mouth pain.

A dental crown is like a cap placed over a damaged tooth to both strengthen it and restore its appearance. What’s more, the crown can protect any damage underneath, supporting the tooth in your mouth and ensuring you don’t feel any further pain.

With a traditional crown, your dentist would take impressions of your tooth and then have those measurements sent away so your custom crown could be created in a laboratory. While this does ensure a proper fit, it also means two trips to the dentist: one for the measurements and one to have the crown put in place. What’s more, it means wearing a temporary crown between the two visits, which is often uncomfortable.

Fortunately, Edward H. Chappelle Jr., DDS, offers an alternative.

What are same-day crowns?

To give his patients a more efficient, more comfortable dental solution, Dr. Chappelle offers CEREC crowns that are created during a single visit. This innovative tooth restoration technique uses metal-free, high-grade ceramic material to create a crown that restores your tooth’s strength, looks natural and beautiful, and integrates seamlessly with your mouth’s natural tissue.

The CEREC crown can be measured, created, and placed all within a single visit. That means less time away from work or your family.

How do you create my CEREC crown in a single visit?

To start the process, Dr. Chappelle takes 3D images of your teeth using an advanced camera. Those images are fed into CEREC’s innovative software, which then uses diamond burs to mill a piece of ceramic to fit your exact specifications.

Your ceramic crown will be prepared while you briefly wait. Once it’s ready, Dr. Chappelle will permanently affix it to your tooth using high-grade adhesive. The result is a fast, convenient, strong, and beautiful crown.

Are your ready to say goodbye to mouth pain and multiple appointments? To get started with your same-day crown, call Edward H. Chappelle Jr., DDS, or schedule your consultation online today.